Nothing Phone 1 Survives Durability Test of Jerryrig Everything But Dont Try Bending It


Last month US-based startup Nothing launched their first smartphone, Nothing Phone 1. After making its debut in the market with a fancy clear back design and mid-range specifications, analysts have started regularly and in detail to review the long-term performance of this phone. Reports have already surfaced about the Nothing Phone 1’s battery life and how difficult it is to repair the device. And now, a popular YouTuber has put the device through a rigorous durability test to see what it can withstand. Let’s take a look at the results of this test.

Nothing Phone 1’s durability test results are out

Tech YouTuber Jack Nelson aka JerryRigEverything recently posted a rigorous durability test video on the newly launched Nothing Phone 1 on his YouTube channel. The device has multiple layers of protection against drops and scratches so it didn’t suffer any damage other than a few minor scratches in some places during testing. Nelson then began his experiment by scratching the display of Nothing Phone 1. Scratches start to appear on the screen at Mohs hardness level 6 and at level 7, the scratches are deeper. So don’t scratch the device’s rear panel and display with metal objects like car keys. However, the device’s display with Gorilla Glass 5 protection is not completely protected from sharp objects.

Again, after a scratch test for the display and back, the YouTuber scraped the edges of the device with a knife, revealing that the claim of it being made entirely of aluminum is true. He tested the device’s display, which was mostly able to recover after 40 seconds of being under the lighter’s flame.

Then, the final test was the bend test, which the OnePlus 10 Pro flagship handset launched earlier this year failed to complete and broke into two pieces. When pressure was applied from the back of the device, the Nothing Phone 1 easily withstood the pressure, but when Jack Nelson came forward, the device bent slightly with a slight cracking sound. Applying more pressure on the front, the device shows a slight discontinuity around the antenna band, but it returns to normal when the pressure is stopped.

Finally, the results of this rigorous durability test revealed that the Nothing Phone 1 successfully passed the durability test, barring a slight bend. Internally the phone has a strong mechanism, which can prevent it from being broken.

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