Viral Social Media post of a Man Gets Hired By Google After 39 Attempts

Viral Social Media post of a Man Gets Hired By Google After 39 Attempts |  Sangbad Pratidin

News Daily Digital Desk: “Don’t say that I can’t do it, if you can’t do it once, see it a hundred times.” A young man living in America proved this saying of Kabir to be true. He got a job in the tech giant Google after 39 attempts. Recently, the young man shared the story of his next failure and last success on social media. That post has gone viral. Knowing the inspirational story, everyone congratulates the young man.

The name of the young man living in San Francisco is Tyler Cohen. Currently, he is working as an Associate Manager in a company called DoorDash. But not for long, because Google has already selected Cohen as their employee. But he had to wait for a long time. He has tasted success by practically climbing the ladder of failure.

The young man shared the screenshot of his email box in the post where he claimed to have tasted success after 39 attempts. Application forms have been seen multiple times. Cohen applied for the first time on August 25, 2019. In September of the same year, sent the application again to Google. This is how one failure after another continues. In the meantime, the covid epidemic comes to the world, the lockdown is done. But he never deviated from his dream. He got the result. Cohen finally tasted success on July 19, 2022. Tech giant Google has selected Cohen from San Francisco as its employee. Needless to say, the young man sighed as soon as he received that mail from the organization

“There’s a fine line between persistence and insanity,” Cohen wrote in the caption, along with sharing a screenshot of the email box on social media. I am still trying to figure out which of the two is inside me. 39 rejections, 1 success.” The post went viral. Netizens are in a frenzy. The post has 35 thousand likes. The comment box is filled with hundreds of comments. All are inspired by Cohen’s story. Cornish tells the young man.

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